yummi licious

i was thinking about my mother in law who is going through a hard moment....so i decided to bake some yummiliciousness with my girls. flowers make us smile....so we did. hope you do also!

they were delicious...
p.s. please think a positive thought for my lovely mother in law!


  1. how sweet and beautiful - what a great idea to make press cookies as I usually only get them at christmas for some reason.

    hope your mil is better soon - prayers and positive thoughts are heading her way.

  2. thank you so much char. i know...these cookies are not just for x-mas anymore.
    Thanks for the thoughts and prayers....I am happy they are heading her way!

  3. Good thoughts going her way and I am sure those cookies helped, too. They look so good!

  4. prayers and good thoughts from my boys and me for your mother-in-law. keep us posted ... i bet those cheerful cookies did the trick!


  5. hmm...my mil also is going through something...prayers to you and yours and good luck!
    the cookies are amazing...you can bake too?!?