transitory objects

there is a shift between art and architecture...a shrinking gap between the two disciplines. with this as a cue, the Thyssen Bornemisza Contemporary Art museum has opened it's latest show TRANSITORY OBJECTS.

vienna holds a special place in my heart since it is one of the places i studied architecture. unfortunately i cannot attend the show, but if you happen to be there, think of me.

an architectural prototype from nikolaus hirsch and Michel Mueller called cybermohalla hub, 2008.

francesca woodman's then at one point i did not need to translate the notes; they went directly to my hands, from 1976. an example of woodman's notion of the body as an architectural object.

made from low density, recyclable polymer, greg lynn's FORM blobwall from 2007 is a lightweight, highly aesthetic reworking of the building brick. would love to use this on one of my buildings ; ).

laszlo moholy-nagy's neon signs were taken in chicago in 1939. this image is one of the first and most jarringly contemporary examples of light trailing in photography. I love this artist!

alisa andrasek is director of biothing - a laboratory that produces artificial computation techniques for design. these flower-like models, Mesonic Emission from 2007, were produced using laser techniques.


  1. This looks awesome. I didn't know you studied in Vienna!!! How is the family?

  2. very nice post!
    that blobwall is absolutely amazing.
    also i remember writing on "the body as an architectural object" at school and was always very intrigued by the subject!

  3. very cool. especially looking forward to learning more about the works of laszlo moholy-nagy (thanks for the tip!). He's a conemporary of Man Ray, then? love those modernists. -- Jg.

  4. Anonymous22 July, 2009

    LiSa, If Art and Architecture are merging and Art utilizes materials such as cardboard and newspaper, thus our shelters and working spaces will be like the homeless. Maybe we can all become sadhus. Love you guyseses. Johnny Z

  5. ah man! not only do i wish i was in nyc for the exhibit at ippodo gallery, now i wish i could be in vienna!! i loved vienna. didn't study there but when i was studying in rome (architecture), i took a side trip to vienna. ah such a great place!

  6. wow...
    visual delight! I especially like that FORM blobwall! Lovely weekend to you~

  7. Studying architecture in Vienna sounds amazing!

  8. Just brilliant...color you a success more and more.


  9. oh my gosh these are amazing!The blobwall is my favorite!!! Its amazing

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