a sweet and delicate apology....

I soooo apologize my lovely 4 followers (as my friend stated) for writing, posting and uploading inspiring images so infrequently. My life took a complete unexpected turn-around and I found myself a bit upside down. I am still in my awkward upside down position...but I decided I do best in precarious positions...so here I am.
Please accept a delicious Pierre Herme Macaroon in a tempting flavor and color of strawberry, lemon, green-tea, rose, saffron-scented peach and apricot as my apology. I promise I will try to write more frequently...whether I am on my head, my side...or conventionally on my feet.


  1. LBW -- that's all it took? a plate of colorful macaroons? well, it's true, i'm easy ... so great to get a chance to have some design inspiration to appreciate once again in the blogosphere. All the best for your family and career in 2010! - Jg.

  2. Hello JG!! So nice to see you! Thank you for accepting a plate of macaroons. Doesn't take much..huh..:)
    Hope you are well! Happy 2010! -LBW

  3. I think you should write more often - you are good at it! Or post some more macaroons :)
    Be happy :)