yes I am here and yes I am alive

Soooo many changes in my life lately. On top of being an Architect and Interior Designer, I am now officially a certified Pilates Instructor. YAY!! Just wanted to let you all know. This is what I have been doing for 9 very intense months.
I also wanted to post this beautiful photograph hubby took. Think of it what you'd like. I absolutely love it.
So...if you want your dream home designed...or an amazing body...hit me up.
Love to you all :)


  1. yay Lisa!! welcome back, we have missed you in the blog world, (not that i have been in it that much either)
    Congratulations my dear!! you are a rock star! I know how hard you worked on both of those things - it must feel incredible to be done and to be able to enjoy your accomplishments with all the stress behind you! that is sooooooooooooooo awesome!

  2. Nicely messed up!.. oops.. nicely done.. good designs.. :)

  3. Interesting pic and architecture by hubs! Great to hear you're alive and well (and, now, in the shape of your Pilates life!). Keep seeking (and finding) your place in this big bad world, Lisa. My kids and I were down in the South Bay having ice cream and I thought of your high-end design business. Be well ... - Jg.