Here's to the white spaces...

Well...i am on vacation with my girlies.  So excited to be home.  This tells you something.  I cannot blog from L.A. because of my crazy hectic schedule.  Here I get to stop and smell the roses (or at least the Frangipani Flowers).
As my design instructors in Architecture school used to tell me...sometimes it is about the negative spaces (the white spaces, the void spaces, the un-designed spaces).  It is the breathing space.  Not every moment has to be designed.  Same with life.  When we stop moving around...maybe then do we understand the important moments.
Here's to the white space.


  1. so agree with you that white space is so important -- the canvass of our lives. seems like i have a lot of that lately. how we shape our lives and fill that space is what makes our journey interesting. N'est pas? made my day to see your recent posts ...

  2. thank you JG!!!
    Yes..What a wonderful thing to call me "an overly talented designer."
    Well...it's the juggling of the little ones which has forced me to constantly re-invent myself....the designer/creator will alway be who I am...(as I should hope it is in everyone in some form or another). This is why I have extented my love into other forms of creation.
    And I hope you are having a lovely and magical summer as well!
    talk soon!!!

    07 August, 2011