and life goes on....

And to think that my design career was over.  I am overjoyed at the fact that I am currently up and running again!  This designilicious girl is busier than ever!  So...here I sit amongst my wall of books, designing beautiful houses again.  In between, I take a break to teach pilates, maybe make some jewelry, go to a ballet or hip hop class or two, break to make dinner...and design yet again.  Can life get any better? 
Life goes on in this designilicious home...
And I am happy!


  1. wow ... very cool to hear that you're designing again. this post is "old" but I'm hopeful that you're still swinging for the design fences, Lisa. I'll try to find your current digital atelier where you're posting your work!

    1. I’ve tried to reply to this comment a couple of times...

      I’m so excited to see you here after so many years!!!
      I’m posting my work on my website www.welchdesignstudio.com.
      It’s such a wonderful surprise to see you here after so many years.
      I am hoping you are doing great.
      Happy to see you are still writing your beautiful words.

      I hope to stay in touch.

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