one of the reasons i started this blog about design is that it makes me stop and focus for a moment about the parts of design which really matter to me: how the space, light, color, texture and scent of a space makes me feel. I love a calm, harmonious, well-balanced space...and i truly believe that this type of space affects all aspects of our everyday lives.

my designs are influenced by objects, images, people and experiences which surround me. i actually hear, taste, feel and smell something about these influences, and they usually create a feeling so evocative that the feelings permeate my thoughts and my designs.

i live in a very linear world, where my designs stem from grids and symmetry...this provides the structure and balance to my designs. however, once the structure is in place, i like to break up the rigidity with whimsical and asymmetrical forms.

lately i have been adding inspiring images to my image notebook. here are a few which really spoke to me. i hope they are also some type of inspiration for you.


  1. beautiful choices! :)

  2. what a yummy looking lampshade!

    yes, you have always been a very tactile person, one of the things i love about you! i still remember when you showed me your school portfolio wth that rubbery cover, kinda smelled and felt like a car, and something about the paper you used and how important the ripples were to you, and all your projects... that was YEARS ago. i rember thinking 'that girl is wacked!' my kinda wacked!

  3. Very cool...love the children's room and the white pics...the room, the dress, the butterfly mobile...=)

  4. thanks for the inspiration!

  5. thanks for pulling curtain back a bit on your professional world. seems like you've been able to bring your (this is a compliment, honest!) femininity to a very male "linear" world (as you say) to add even more value to your clientèle. perhaps its just the niche that you've wonderfully been able to carve for yourself (the high-end custom residential) that allows for it; but either way, it rocks!