going...and going...and going....

i've been going and going...and that's why there is a lack of posts on my 'design' blog. but here's one about my ache-y back...and ridiculously high-heels (the cause of my ache-y back).
and i promise there will be more design in my design [blog].
to all those who keep going and going and going....here's to you. may you too have more design in your design... and may your favorite shoes be the cause of your ache-y back.


  1. Hel-Lo! Diggin' the YSL Tribute Pumps ... now pair them with a D&G leopard print dress and you're good to go for a girls night out to take care of that achey breaky back. Yves would be proud!



  2. thanks for the comment :) Audreys work is amazing hey :) xo

  3. Gorgeous...I LOVE those red ones!

  4. thanks everyone...oh, and JG...that leopard D&G dress sounds very tempting...but can a mother of 2 pull that one off??? hope so...