invitations only...

i believe the clothing isn't the only part of a fashion show which makes it successful (alright, i'll admit it is an important part).
however, i always judge my books by their covers...and i think the same applies to fashion shows. i judge them by their invites. here are some of the fun invites from this year’s autumn/winter 2009 men’s collections in paris and milan during fashion week.
Number (N)ine's invitation

Dior Homme's invitaion

Maison Martin Margiela's invitation

Gucci's invitation

Louis Vuitton's invitation

Herm├Ęs' invitation

Alfred Dunhill's invitation

Prada's invitation

John Galliano's invitation


  1. Anonymous08 May, 2009

    I don't know about you, but some of these are somewhat invitalicious.

  2. now it's totally official ... absolutely jealous! even w/ the street cred of luxemont.com, i still don't get that type of love! sweet.


  3. I am so impressed by luxemont.com!!! Did you create it??? Very impressive.

  4. yes (with my oldest brother) ... LxM as a holding company for several luxe co's w/ various demographics, but now we've consolidated (and I'm back to consulting to pay the bills!). but, i'd rather be an architect!!

    John g.

  5. these are just insanely cool!
    i am especially intrigued by the the 'Maison Martin Margiela'. what is that?
    fun post!

  6. I love the design recopilation