color licious

right now we all need a dose of color in our lives. being an architect, i always joke that my color palette tends to be white, black, and shades of grays.
this weekend, i definitely got my color prescription filled by going to a local amusement park. how can anyone not 'snap out of their blues'...by getting a shot of blue...or pink, or red, or yellow? thought i'd share my colorlicious snapshots with you and hopefully it may inspire something colorful.


  1. thanks char...especially coming from you...ms. photographer!

  2. An amusement park? That sounds great. I should go soon. I miss that funilicious-ness. BTW, great photography. A little harsh on the contrast, but the colors really pop.

  3. Great blog! Your photography is OUTSTANDING! I hope you dont mind if I follow along.

    Please feel free to visit us at Fort Thompson anytime, you are always welcome.

    Love and Prayers,


  4. I agree, the photography on your blog is really nice. Are you using all original content or do you pull your images from elsewhere? If it's all orignial you are a very tallented photographer. How would you say it? Photolicious? Photodazzle?. I think it's photodelic to the mazimus.

  5. My favorite is the roller coaster with the vertical lines in silhouette -- an architect's eye for sure. Very inspiring. I am now forced to dig out the ole 35mm.



  6. we would love to use these photographs on www.spearmintbaby.com with a link back to your blog. please email spearmintbaby@gmail.com if interested. thanks, shari