design{ation} proclamation

1. cure your case of seriousitis and chrome atize. some would say this banana bowl is the ugliest thing ever...i happen to find it yummy!

2. stash away your drab and go bold!

3. pick a tchotchke (chachkey) and stick to it. it's not clutter when it's a collection.

4. Find objects which are meaningful to you and surround yourself with them. Pictured here is my favorite painting...painted by my mother.

5. stop being so appropriate...let your sizzle loose.

6. your home is your prozac. it should be your getaway from life's dramas.

7. muse: a source of inspiration; a guiding spirit. find it and see where it takes you.

8. paint everything white...and then add splashes of color. the color becomes the star of the space.

9. maximalize minimalism. sleek is not bleak.

10. when all else fails study the quirky, stylish, eccentric, funny, enchanting, spontaneous, provocative and carefree, holly golightly from breakfast at tiffany's. how can you not be fascinated by someone who names their cat 'cat'?


  1. I love the picture of the girls and the painting by your mother!

  2. I adore Holly - one of my most favorite movies

  3. Very cool ... btw, dig the wall of books idea from a previous posting. I told my two sons (9/11 yrs. -- 9/11 sounds like a disaster, but they're awesome) that we're doing something similar in their room as "legs" for their work desk.

    You should "tweet" to support your brand when you get some time (as if!!).


  4. you inspire me, Lisa!

    good to see the moo-moos too!

  5. thanks everyone! BTW, JG...I don't know how to 'tweet'. maybe it'll be next.

  6. COWilicious for sure!! I've never seen such a thing or painting I should say. Lots of pepole really like cows and that painting is perfect for the cow lovers of the world.

  7. OK, I see 9 cows each painted in a different style. I'm going to try my best and see if I can guess the painter for each cow.

    Sombody?, Vasserily, Dali
    Mattise, Warhol, Picowso
    Licktenstein, Miro, Dubafae

    You said your mother did that? She should get a 'Painterlicious' award.

    PS, sorry for the spelling errors but my keyboard is broken and it messes up on names sometimes.