it's a new day

what a special day...the day I actually 'launched' my new blog site by telling my husband about it. yes, it is a big deal that i have one very loyal reader (that would be myself)...but at least the hubby is a follower. maybe in a few days when i tell my brothers and parents about the site, they may visit every now and then. I hope to have some comments soon after from my [next to no] audience.

regardless of who is reading this post, i know i will get great pleasure from developing this blog. I wanted to create a site which brings together all things that give me the greatest pleasure in life: family, design, style, trends.

i'd love to hear back from anyone who has any ideas...as this is a work in progress if there ever was one.


  1. go for it, girl. great way to express yourself, and to inspire others! Keep up the great work...


  2. thanks JG. I love your blog site!

  3. I could go on and on, but I'll keep it short. My husband keeps reminding me of a quote (I'll go google it afterwards) that says something like: write for yourself and strangers.
    Sometimes, it gets me over the panic that sets in when someone, say, at nursery school pick up says "oh hey, I read your blog, did you really do...blah, whatever" and I'm stricken by the thought that everything I put out there is now, well, out.there.
    Keep doing it for yourself. Try to forget your mom reads. Trust me on that one.
    And do whatever you want here. It's your space. No one has to read if they don't like it.But they will! I do. Take care! tt

  4. thank you Tara...you seemed to be reading my mind as you posted this! I will definitely keep this in mind as I post in the future. I am constantlywondering who is reading this and how they will react...when it really should be about what I want to talk about. thanks again!