and then he kissed me...

it was love at first sight. he walked through the door and my heart skipped a beat. i hadn't seen such beauty, such mathematical perfection with exact proportions and detail of form. the precision of the movement when i accidentally touched this manifestation of beauty was one which i believe only the gods could create. i wanted to complete this masterpiece...and to view the whole...only to pull the interlocking pieces and complete it once again.

he walked through the door with a box full of miguel ortiz berrocal's puzzle pieces. all i could think of was my very own berrocal!!! and then he kissed me and told me it wasn't ours. what a complete let-down!!!

born near malaga in 1933 miguel ortiz berrocal was formally educated in mathematics, chemistry, and the exact sciences. Later he studied architecture.

in berrocal's pieces, every aspect of the form is important—the choice of the material, the look of the surface, the way the sculpture is assembled.

so hubby and i spent the evening doing a favor for a very puzzliciously challenged friend... piecing together, detail by detail, the various components of this sculpture that would eventually become the expressive result of berrocal's efforts to create a masterpiece which he called romeo e giulietta.

and voila'...the star-crossed lovers once again unite. but sadly, awakening out of a dream and into reality...we had to part.

goodnight, goodnight! parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.


  1. this is amazing!
    and i like the word puzzliciously!
    and i had not heard of berrocal!

  2. That thing is awesome. It's over 40 years old. WAY ahead of it's time. Well done Berry!!

  3. I love that sculpture. Never heard of this artist. what museums is he in? what a great piece of art.

  4. I came across your blog from a Berrocal google search. You have some of the best images of a Berrocal I have seen on the web. I'm personally looking for another Berrocal, but I like your piece very much. I'm in Madrid Spain and Berrocal is very hard to come by here. I suggest that if you can get your hands on a Berrocal, that you get one. Berrocal is no longer with us, so the demand is bound to go up. Again, nice pictures. I would definately call them Berrocalicious