let's face it...christian lacroix's design sensibility is everything that i am not: theatrical, unconventional and completely over-the-top. despite this, he is still one of my very favorite fashion designers. i have been following his work since the 80's. as a young girl, i would cover my bedroom walls with images of supermodels dressed in lacroix's opulent and fantastic creations, corsets fabricated out of experimental fabrics and patterns, and of course his signature 'le pouf' gowns. i am still completely in love with his work.
here are a few of lacroix's own sketches of his costumes which are part of a current exhibition at the national museum of singapore.

these sketches are forms of art in their own right. i would have loved to wallpaper my pre-teen bedroom walls with these sketches instead of the supermodels i opted for.
when talking about his art, this is what lacroix says, "my costume sketches dress as much the part's character as the actor's spirit and body. drawing for dance or for theatre allows me to breathe. fashion does influence the performing arts, which in turn feed fashion."
christian lacroix...you will always be my fashion icon!


  1. love his sketches. thanks for sharing!

  2. Something about these remind me of Amelie and Audrey Tautou. "I sense zat zer eez a little frencsh geel in zhou. oui, o, no?" (i know, horrible old man french accent...) so, that's where you get your color inspiration from?

    mos def not the bauhaus!


  3. Nice drawings for sure. I think I have a pair of lacorix shoes. When put them on my feet I usually get many comments. One passer-by called them pedestrian-licious. I think he was trying to pick me up :-)

  4. Monsieur JG...
    Je ne suis pas fran├žais. although i consider it a compliment that you thought 'zat zer was a leetle frencsh geel' in me...(i wrote that using your accent).
    I am trying hard to have a little less bauhaus and a little more french in my color use. i do tend to be more bauhaus though. : ) can't help it...it's the architect in me.