the great wall of....books

me: hubby, I have the best idea for a partition in our office.

hubby: what's 'the best' idea?

me: check it out....

hubby: that's your idea? i thought you were just doing some spring cleaning.

me: why would i want to get rid of these wonderful additions to our home...a testimony to the power of knowledge and our schooling...the millions and millions of powerful words which are housed and bounded in these beautifully encased artifacts? no, i am not spring cleaning...this is my idea. now we can each have our own individual work spaces, separated by this very fine work of art. and...if we have some kind of designer's block...our reference is easily accessible. we can look anything up from abstract expressionism to zoroastrianism...and from pritzker prize winners to our thesis dissertations. isn't it beautiful????

hubby: i appreciate your effort, but it looks like we're getting ready for a rummage sale. how are we going to make this structurally sound? we're going to have to excavate a footing, then we need to have 1/2" re-bar running horizontally in the footing and vertically through each book. we need to set the re-bar with mortar and we need mortar between each book. then we need to blah blah blah blah....(there goes hubby again giving me a reality check, this is when i need to tune him out). why don't you just take a photo of it and print it up at a large scale...you can use it as a backdrop or wallpaper.

me: ingenious!! i'll call it enlightenlicious...


  1. Me: Oh honey bunch, Ummm, I wanted to look up the worD 'oligarchy' in our dictionary. Have you seen our dictionary, you remember the blue one? Oh, I found it. IT'S UNDER 500 POUNDS OF BOOKS!