style icious

What do you do when you are going crazy trying to entertain your child?

Take out your box o buttons and have her glue them onto a sheet of paper.

The monotony will calm her down...and you can always call it a birthday card for daddy.

Not to mention...it is kinda styleicious.


  1. Wow, what great ideas at a glance . very ingenious .It is Superlicious. We can't wait to see more and more of your findings and original discoveries.

  2. Children have an amazing sense of composition. Looks like money. Looks like fine food. Looks like a great design.

  3. We did this at x'mas time and cut them out into ornaments, punched a hole at the top, strung 'em with ribbon, and voila! Homemade x'mas ornaments for family, friends and teachers from Brayden.

  4. so cute cattaliya. We'll do the button ornament next year.

  5. Admit who started the button craze!